To The Dogs Or Whoever

Remember when I said I was worried about Frenchy’s dog?

Well, apparently the dog is seeing a pet therapist once a week.

I’m tempted to think that someone has got to be joking or making this up, but no one is funny or creative or DARK enough to invent this stuff about the dogs. I should probably make a tag for “the Dogs,” because I think someone should be properly chronicling this.

I would recommend the song that I used as my title here, but I’m not feeling quite ~*Dave O’Brien*~ enough for that.






2 responses to “To The Dogs Or Whoever”

  1. Leah Avatar

    If Frenchy’s dog is in this bad of shape, it makes me wonder how Heap’s dog is fairing through the departure.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      This elaborate metaphor had better have a happy ending payoff someday. One that does not involve brain surgery and therapy.

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