Pitchers, Catchers, and Frenchy (and Andruw)

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog, and it’s also the first day of voluntary “show up at Turner Field and dick around” day for the Braves. Well, that’s not true: the pitchers and catchers are there doing important work to prepare for spring training and the 2008 season. Frenchy, on the other hand, just showed up because he heard the AJC would be taking pictures.

But hey, that’s why I love Frenchy. I’m excited about the new season, and it’s fun just to think about the guys working out at the field while Roger furiously takes notes in his little diary. There are so many preseason issues to discuss, I don’t know where to start. All I can think at the moment is:

Heap . . .

Don’t let Frenchy cut your hair.

I’ll be posting every day from here on out, and I have a lot I want to talk about before spring training starts. But to commemorate this blog’s first full year in operation, I think just posting the first Frenchy ‘n Heap picture of the season is appropriate. (That’s Frenchy’s butt on the left.) Perhaps the first picture of These Two can be looked upon to determine the quality of the season ahead. If so: Frenchy’s butt, Heap with dorky hair. I’m not exactly sure, but I think that means we’ll get the Wild Card and lose the NLCS to the Reds. BRING IT ON.



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9 responses to “Pitchers, Catchers, and Frenchy (and Andruw)”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I say the AJC needs to get better pictures of Heap next time. This one isn’t doing much for me. Don’t you think they’d be tired of Frenchy by now or vice versa? Apparently not.

    1. Leah Avatar

      Oh and happy one year of blog coverage! :)

      1. Jenny Avatar

        Thanks! And thanks for all your input and comments, I really appreciate it.

        I would die without my endless AJC pictures of Frenchy getting his oil changed and dropping off his drycleaning, mostly because I enjoy their lame half-excuses for just posting pictures of him. Hey, folks, he rented some movies! Enjoy a pictorial essay on that subject!

        If it were up to me there would 100 photographers following him all day, every day, Britney Spears-style. I have a feeling it would be that way if it were up to Frenchy, too.

        1. Leah Avatar

          You’re welccome! :)

          I could see that happening, but he would love it. Heap would probably never hang out with him anymore, lol.

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    I’m so glad this blog is back to regular activity. Analyzing player’s OBP, OPS, and Jordan Schafer’s potential can get a bit boring after a while.

    Less Schafer, more kooky McFrenchy moments

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Thanks! I like to read statistical analysis, but I usually don’t have anything to add that isn’t fairly (or entirely) anecdotal.

      I’m so excited about Henchy and Freap’s first post-marriage season. I’m hoping they’ll bring the hijinks.

  3. RehabReject Avatar

    haha. Henchy and Freap! love it.

    I don’t like the looks of Mrs. Frenchy. She looks like the kind of lady who yells at him for not putting dirty clothes in the hamper followed by Frenchy saying “Sorry… gosh!” a la Napoleon Dynamite.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I’ve actually grown to love McBeta.

      Though if I see another picture of her with blue eyes, I’ll lose a little respect. So far she’s going strong with brown since the wedding. Fingers crossed!

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