Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day!

Is anyone surprised that Matty arrived seven days early? One of my wishes for this season is that he finally gets the regular starting respect he deserves. Heap also showed up as soon as possible, not surprisingly. Sadly, he will be spending Valentine’s Day without his significant other. Maybe the Australians will take him out drinking.

And if anyone out there has been daydreaming about an intimate Valentine’s Day evening with John Rocker, here’s a little sneak peek into his plans. As former Braves go, he isn’t exactly the first one I’d approach for the Valentine’s Day article. Where’s the Lemmer when you need him?







9 responses to “Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day!”

  1. Leah Avatar

    It doesn’t really surprise me that they showed up early. I’m ready for interesting, but “weird semi-themed” ST pictures now.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Me too. It’s not fair to do an article about their whereabouts without photographic evidence.

    1. Leah Avatar

      Pictures! But no Heap, well unless you count him in the background of the one with Javy batting (I’m guessing that’s Heap?). But at least Heap has no mowhawk like Yates, Jo-Jo, and Phil Stockman came sporting, but rid themselves of before Bobby saw them. Let’s hope he got rid of the faux hawk or what looked to be a faux hawk. Frenchy should do his job. Friends shouldn’t let friends get bad haircuts.

      1. Jenny Avatar

        Hooray for pictures of Matty! He looks thrilled to be alive as always.

        Pictures of Hampton sprawled out helplessly on the ground take all the fun out of it. You’re making it too easy, AJC.

        1. Leah Avatar

          I was thinking the same thing and the caption says “Hampton dives into the ground after a short sprint.” He better watch himself doing that, seriously.

  3. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    “Sadly, he will be spending Valentine’s Day without his significant other.”


    Yay, Happy P&C Day!

  4. RehabReject Avatar

    that’s awesome. Diaz looks like he just woke up in the same clothes from the previous night’s boozing

    by the way, they took out the word “Hampton” and replaced it with “Pitcher” in one of the captions. I think it’s because that’s actually Chuck James and not Hampton. Though it’s funny to think that they took Hampton’s name out in order to avoid jinxing his fragile EVERYTHING.

    oh, and keeping the Braves Valentines theme going: http://tbaatil.blogspot.com

  5. RainDelay Avatar

    Hey Jen did you get my invite to Fantasy Baseball?

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yep — did my sign up not go through? I’ve never done this before — I just followed the link and created a team called the McFrenchies. I saw that your draft is on Feb. 29, when I’ll actually be down at spring training, so I don’t know if I’ll have internet access then or not.

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