Twenty Four Years of Heap

It’s Heap’s birthday today, and also the date of several major celestial events. Coincidence?!?!

I hope Heap gets to enjoy all of his favorite activities today, such as playing ping pong with his cardboard cut out of Frenchy:

Turns out my everyday posting is likely not going to happen until April. I’m excited about going down to spring training, but I’m finding I don’t have a lot I want to say in these final pre-preseason days. Maybe I’m just rendered speechless by the continued good (as in, not catastrophic) news about Hampton.






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  1. Leah Avatar

    Heap’s just growing up so fast, lol. Well, growing older, I don’t know about growing up with Frenchy around 24/7. Heh.

    Can’t wait to see your Spring Training pictures. Maybe you’ll get to see a lot of McFrenchy action while you are there. Let’s hope so! ;)

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