Headed to Orlando/Kissimmee/Buena VistaLand

We’re leaving for spring training bright and early tomorrow morning — any requests? I’m not sure what I mean by that, but probably pictures.

Speaking of pictures, check it:

Heap never fails to find the ugliest sunglasses of all time and wear them with pride. I can’t wait to again witness this phenomenon in person.



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3 responses to “Headed to Orlando/Kissimmee/Buena VistaLand”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I believe Frenchy has the same pair on, lol. I think Kelly has a pair like that as well, he did last year I believe, or borrowed them from McFrenchy. At least the lenses aren’t neon orange and purple.

    The only request I have is to get lots of McFrenchy and maybe some of Kelly as well. Maybe you will get to speak to McFrenchy at some point while on your trip. ;)

    Also, maybe it’s me, but Heap has seemed to be in a non-smiling mood in each of his pictures (especially the portraits) lately. You should try to cheer him up. :)

  2. Tara Avatar

    Well, Jenny, I certainly hope you have a splendid time and get lots of photos to share with us loyal readers o’ the blog, but I’m plannin’ my own ambush of Frenchie on March 20 (it may not appear that way, but my evil plan is actually at the end of that post).

    Moonkween — classy as ever :-P

    Seriously, please keep us posted (especially those of us in the Great White North in dire need of warm baseball weather!) and have GREAT TIME! :)

  3. Brave Dawn Avatar

    my request? take me with you, please, please, pleeeezzzze!

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