Like Heap Has Ever Had Wine

I’m trying to save money and cut back on drinking, so here’s Heap to make me feel guilty for not spending money on booze. Figures! Maybe someone will get me a case for my birthday. Thanks to Karen for the link. I need a “Heap endorsing liquor” tag.

I’m back from England and way behind on everything, for a change. I can’t believe Frenchy got hit in the face with a pitch and I didn’t offer my commentary. But I guess it wasn’t really a big deal, thank goodness. Even when DOB mentioned that Bobby told Frenchy this meant he couldn’t have sex for a few days, well. What could I possibly add to that that would not be eventually misconstrued as libelous? I was looking forward to seeing a swollen Frenchy lip on the broadcast tonight, but all reports indicate that the swelling has gone down. Boo! Though I suppose that means the sex is back on. Live it up, Frenchy, spring training is almost over.

And thank God for that! Spring training has really bored me this year, aside from the two games we saw in person. Maybe that spoiled me for keeping up with the games at home — I haven’t watched or listened to a single one! I am excited about seeing tonight’s game, maybe because the season is getting so close.

Finally, here’s a joke only two of my readers (unless there are more MST3K people I don’t know about out there) will get:

“It’ll be dark soon. The master would not approve. It’ll be dark soon.” My husband just thinks they hadn’t filled their quota of Frenchy stories for the day, so had to post the same one twice.

The rest of my spring training pictures will be posted this weekend, if anyone still cares. Soon we will have AP pictures of real baseball! Rejoice!






7 responses to “Like Heap Has Ever Had Wine”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I heard Heap say on a radio interview he did sometime last year that he didn’t care too much for wine. I believe he’s more of a beer drinker, as pictures would suggest. I wonder if Heap will get a bottle to add to his “Heap” collection that he has going on in his house.

  2. Lauren T. Avatar

    We saw him drinking Miller Lite. On purpose. *gag*

    1. Jenny Avatar

      That was back when he was trying to lose weight, to be fair. ;)

      1. Lauren T. Avatar

        My roommate laughed during the game yesterday that, “Look! His belly jiggles when he throws the ball hard. Hee hee hee.”

        Better hop back on the Miller Lite train, Mac. ;)

        1. Jenny Avatar

          Rumors of Heap’s weight loss have been greatly exaggerated. Thank goodness.

          1. Lauren T. Avatar

            I know! His thighs are as big, if not bigger, than ever!

            …I shouldn’t have noticed that. But I didn’t ogle, just noticed. Kinda like noticing that Huddy’s sole patch is gone, right?

          2. Jenny Avatar

            I don’t think you can ogle Heap’s thighs. That’s like saying you ogled somebody’s elbow. They’re purely functional.

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