Two things that are kinda breaking my heart right now:

1. The idea that we don’t have too much longer with Skip on the radio. He’s cutting back his travel due to health reasons, and it’s forcing me to think about years ahead, when we won’t even have him for home games. I’m much more sentimental about Skip than I am about any Braves player (with the possible exception of the Lemmer), and when he did his “a fan from Douglasville comes away with a souvenir” bit last night, it seemed like okay, now the season has begun (even when he went on to bust my balls for being a blogger who doesn’t like Glavine, haha). One of my favorite Skip memories is from late 2006, when we were well out of the races. I was working on some research for my thesis with the game on in the background, my husband was out with some friends, and as the game got shittier and weirder (it was the night of Heap’s first ejection), Skip and Pete just threw caution to the wind and starting talking about the old radio call in show that Skip did, which I miss so much. They basically just dissolved into laughter for five minutes toward the end of the game, and I was cracking up along with them, remembering the rednecks who used to call in, and how Skip would unapologetically tell them they were idiots. I’m really grateful that he’s broadcasting at all in 2008, and I really hope he’ll be back next year.

2. This bullshit:




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5 responses to “Post-Opening”

  1. Lauren T. Avatar

    Awww, I remember Skip’s call-in show! Those people were idiots, and towards the end there, he could barely hide his contempt. I called in once and he answered my question on the air, but I didn’t talk to him directly. I don’t even remember what the question was, now.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    I wish I could hear some recordings of those old shows . . .

  3. Tara Avatar

    What the hell is BMc doin’, hammin’ it up when he went yard? I hope he’s not gettin’ too big for his britches…

    I’ve got SOCKS older than this kid — he better keep it in *check*!

    1. Leah Avatar

      I believe his family was sitting up there, according to my friend at least, so he may have just been gesturing to them.

    2. Jenny Avatar

      I don’t know, but when he did the elbow punch with Frenchy, it was like . . . why don’t you just punch him in the FACE, Heap? Sheesh.

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