Off to the Park

I’ll be at all three games this weekend, freezing my ass off for the cause. We’re staying at a hotel downtown, and they claim to have wireless access, so I’ll try to post after the games. Our seats are in the 120’s, along the first base side, but I may be upgrading to behind-the-dugout seats for Sunday’s game. Anyway, I’ll try to take notes and let you guys know what the players are using for their entrance music, and other important information.

I’m really excited about tonight’s game, and nervous . . . we’ve killed Perez in the past, but Redman doesn’t quite inspire confidence. The Smoltz-Glavine match-up on Saturday should be great, and it’ll be fun just to be at the park again. I hope they have a decent crowd tonight; I’m afraid people might wimp out on account of the weather. I’ve never been to a cold baseball game before, and I had a sun dress and sandals picked out to wear for opening night — so much for that. Maybe the chilly games this weekend will be a nice change from the last game I went to in 2006, when I almost passed out from sun stroke and acquired my lingering Francorner tan (my legs are still slightly darker from the knees up).

I hope they present Heap with his Silver Slugger award at some point this weekend . . . I haven’t read anything about it, though apparently there will be country singers and magnetic schedules and military flyovers and Easter egg hunts. Sounds like a regular circus — maybe it’ll even snow!






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  1. RainDelay Avatar

    I’m jealous.

    Last time I was in Atlanta it was the ’96 NLCS Game 6 if I recall at the Launching Pad. It was one of Ozzie Smiths last games for the Cards and one of the last games at Fulton County Stadium.

    Maddux pitched a gem that night.

    sigh..I really need to get back to Atlanta at some point.

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