Well, That Was Bullshit

I can’t believe I was at that game. I’m ASHAMED that I was at that game.

Good: Frenchy looked at two pitches before he hit his homer. For him, a very impressive at-bat.

Bad: Woodward sucks. Yates SUCKS.

I have never, NEVER! left a game before the end . . . but after Yates came in and gave up I don’t even remember how many runs with no outs, we took off, and by the time we got to the bar, it was 11-1.

And speaking of the bar, there is no better place to be after a horrid, horrid, embarrassing Braves loss than the bar at the Holiday Inn on Capitol Avenue. I have never seen so many drunk, depressed Braves fans in one place. I was one of them, and it made me feel better. One guy stood up at the end of the bar and screamed “Hey! Smoltz tomorrow!” and we all just sort of started at him, silent and dejected, but it was appreciated nonetheless.

I’ll post more tomorrow about this humiliating disaster, but in the meantime, man. Who starts Woodward against the Mets in the home opener?? Who starts Woodward EVER? He made at least three errors, according to my field-level estimation.

But tomorrow is another day . . .






6 responses to “Well, That Was Bullshit”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I have no idea what the crap happened in that game. It’s like we just let them roll all over us. It was bad deja vu for real. Let’s hope tomorrow (today’s) game is a lot better.

    Woodward does suck. I had to wonder which team he was even playing for. Kelly Johnson does such a better job then Woodward does. At least, Mac and Matty got hits. Of course, no one could get them in though.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I was right about Woodward being a spy for the Mets . . . either that or he’s just incompetent. I’d DFA him right now and just bring Prado up to replace him, if it was up to me. He looked so, so bad last night. He dropped that double play ball, made that shitty throw to first, and when Redman gave up that hit to Perez before he was taken out, Woodward just watched it go by without even trying. I was going nuts.

  2. wuky Avatar

    can’t believe we have woodward starting at leadoff. what was his BA his last season? .216!!! and they have jose reyes, who, like alfonso soriano, just seems to have our number.

    i’m willing to chalk this one up to nerves and chilly weather, but if we don’t put some run runs up against them on sat/sun, then… we just suck.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, I’m worried about the strikeouts, and their tendency to fly out when they get behind, like they’re all swinging for the fences instead of just trying to get on base and put a good inning together. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong today. At least I won’t have to see Woodward’s face again — he’d better not even pinch hit!

  3. RainDelay Avatar

    In Woodys defense, Cox wanted him to get some at bats. Not to mention that KJ went 1-14 in Philly. Lets not call for Woody’s head yet. Give it another game before we hit the ejection seat.

    And I’d rather call someone up other than Prado, as he and Escobar need to play everyday. Not sit on the end of the bench.

    Though I hope to all that is holy that KJ gets the start this afternoon.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, it’s weird that it was the veteran who ended up being so sketchy in the field, when we’d almost expect some of that from Kelly . . . and it’s true that neither of them are hitting. I just have more faith that Kelly will eventually hit, and I’m not expecting .216 Woodward to do very much for us in the long run.

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