Now That I’ve Calmed Down a Little

I’m glad we have Smoltzy going to the mound today, though our big problem yesterday wasn’t our starter, really — Redman wasn’t great, but I was counting on him to give up around three runs with that Mets offense, no big deal. But our offense didn’t show up at all, so it became a big deal. We should have killed Perez. Frenchy, who did all the quotes for the team after the game (except for a few terse words from Bobby), blamed the weather. I have to say, after that depressing evening, I’m kind of enjoying picturing everyone moping in the clubhouse and ignoring the press, except of course for Frenchy, all cheerful after his first home run of the season, volunteering quotes for hours. That’s our Frenchy.

That game was so not worth sitting through in the cold, but we had a pretty good time until around the sixth inning, when Woodward just watched Perez’s hit streak by without even moving toward it, a lovely addition to his sparkling performance. This is my problem with Bobby: his “give everybody their turn!” mentality, coupled with his need to have useless veterans platoon with younger players who consistently outperform them. There was no reason for Woodward to be in there. If you want to platoon the position, bring Prado back up. Hell, I would have rather seen Orr!

What was going on with Wilson missing that pop up in the first? And when I got to the bar, they were showing a replay of Chipper standing and watching a foul ball fall at his feet? Like he was chasing it and then just stopped and stared at it? Did I really see that, or had I already chugged my vodka tonic at that point? Was it some type of protest? I’ll have to go back and watch the game on Tivo, unless someone knows what I’m talking about and can explain.

Basically, we looked like clowns. Here’s hoping they can get over their anxious crap involving the Mets, pull themselves together and act like professionals today. Maybe Woodward is just some kind of voodoo curse and we’ll go back to playing like we did in Philly once he’s out of the lineup.

There was a middle school-aged baseball team sitting next to us in section 125 (which is a section I REALLY don’t recommend; I’ve never had so many vendors block my view of home plate from anywhere else in the park), and without those kids making fart jokes and antagonizing all the players equally, I probably would have really lost it. So that was enjoyable. The weather was less enjoyable — it was bearable until around the seventh inning, when my teeth started to chatter.

Their in-game promotions were identical to the ones they did last year: tool races, etc. They’re still featuring a long video memorial to that grand slam against the Nationals that Frenchy hit early last year. I was laughing when they showed it, saying “I bet even he’s sick of hearing about this by now,” but nope: I glanced into right field, and Frenchy was staring up at the screen with rapt attention.

I’m sorry to report that I didn’t recognize any of their entrance songs, except for Chipper’s “Crazy Train.” I don’t think the Braves and I listen to the same music. Rent’s was rap, Andruw’s was rap, featuring the line “this is why I’m hot,” Frenchy’s was VERY twangy, geeky country, Heap’s was rap, Wilson and Diaz’s were generic rock songs. If Woodward had a song, I didn’t notice it; I guess I was too busy ranting about how much he sucks to catch it.

Finally: I forgot how weirdly mesmerized I get by batting practice. Heap always seems to hang out with the coaches during BP, and when Chico abandoned him in the infield yesterday, he played catch with the bat boys. It was great.







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  1. Corsair Avatar

    “Did I really see that, or had I already chugged my vodka tonic at that point?”

    Nope, you really saw it…Was that not pathetic or what? He just kinda watched it fall, in true Chipper style.

    Seriously, the whole game was pathetic, but that’s what they get for trusting our home opener to a random discount pitcher from Kansas…

    Ok, was it just me or did the picture they were using for Paul LoDuca look like David Wright? That was bugging me the entire night.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in my life – we were up in the upper deck and I swear the wind chill was in the 20’s. My group begged for us to leave in after that abominable 6-run 8th inning, but I made ’em suck it up and stay. It really wasn’t worth it, but heck, I would have rather stayed and lost, then gone home and us coming back and winning. Maybe.

    And I love it how Frenchy watches himself on the screen, it cracks me up to see him sitting there in the outfield gawking at himself.

    Wait a minute, geeky country? How does that work? haha…I recognized Frenchy’s, Chippers, and Diaz’s although I’m blanking on what it was…but I’ve always liked Chipper’s best.

  2. Corsair Avatar

    Oh and did Frenchy not look terribly rediculous when he came out with the ski mask on? His nose is already big enough on his face, but with it sticking out over the ski mask, he just looked plain rediculous.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I missed seeing that in person, but I saw the picture in the paper this morning, and he looked pretty creepy, what with just his regular eye and his Crazy Eye peeking out. Though actually, in some article early this year, I found out that his Crazy Eye is actually his natural eye – the normal-looking eye is the one he had surgery on. Figures!

  3. wuky Avatar

    i thought that chip missing the foul ball was due to wind. but, only an inning later, lo duca caught one in almost the exact same spot. but that’s how the whole night was – we were just off by a few beats: wilson missed a routine pop up that would have retired reyes in the first; yates was denied a few pitches that should have been strikes; yates would have gotten out of his inning much faster had he not forgotten how to field grounders; etc. etc.

    hopefully tonight we’ll win… 11-1.

  4. Leah Avatar

    Yes, Frenchy and Bobby were the only ones that were brave enough to talk to the press. Which I don’t really blame everyone else for not wanting to. My sister went to the game and called around 9 pm and said her and her friends were about to feeze.

    They did this Mic’d Up thing on Braves TBS Extra and they had Mac and Orr wear mics, Mac during batting practice and Orr some during the game. Mac was funny in his own little way, he seemed to have a little sugar high and he was begging TP to let him hit with a lefty group or something. Then it cut to when he was on deck after Frenchy. He yelled something at Frenchy, I forget what, but he then he turns to the camera and says, “they don’t talk to me when I’m on the mic” or something to that extent. Just the way he said it was funny.

    Orr was just like a kid without his Ritalin. He was singing in the dugout about Wilson getting crazier everyday and then saying crazy things. He then started bouncing up down beside Thorman on the fence. He was sitting by KJ in the dugout. They both just kind of stared watching the game looking like Orr belonged in a loony bin. It was hilarious though. Before the game Mac proceeded to describe his music taste to two other players beside him, which I didn’t notice who they were. “I don’t like rap, I like most rock, and I bat to rap.” I believe that was what he said, I wasn’t looking the TV at the time.

    But yes, hopefully Smoltz can do his thing and the right defense actually shows up to play today.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Orr is certifiably insane.

      Ah, Heap actually spoke! Last time they mic’d him he took a vow of silence. I’ll have to watch that on Tivo when I get home.

  5. RehabReject Avatar

    I saw the play where Woodward “didn’t even move toward the Perez single”. Maybe it was the angle you were sitting at but on TV they showed a replay from behind the plate and there was no way he could’ve gotten to it. Even if he dived, I doubt he could’ve gotten a glove on it. And for the record, he did take one or two steps toward the ball. This in NO WAY is me defending Woodward. I think his best position is still on the bench, right next to good ol Pete Orr.

    And on the Chipper foul ball that dropped, you can see him start running back, then hit the brakes and run forward. The wind played a huge factor. Near the end, you can see him sort of give up on it because he was gonna make a fool of himself by actually trying to get under it. The ball landed a good 6 feet in front of him and the scorer gave him an error on it. Chip and Joe weren’t too happy about the scoring on that one.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I see — thanks for the clarification. I guess it was the angle, and also probably me wanting to heap more criticism on Woodward just for the hell of it at that point. :)

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