Boo Urns

I heard there was a lot of booing at the game last night. I can’t blame the crowd at all. Personally, I fell asleep in the eighth, confident that I wouldn’t really miss anything. As it turns out, I missed Diaz playing first. Shit!

Frenchy was the recipient of some booing, along with our bargain bin starter and McBaseOnBalls. He somehow managed to drop two easy fly balls, and if you check out the above picture, it looks like he was staring hungrily into the crowd while making the play, probably eying somebody’s chili dog. Thanks for adding to the embarrassment, Frenchy. To think, just two days ago, Deadspin was saying that the Braves were the new black.

I can’t complain too much about the hitting, because Dontrelle is awesome. If the Braves are the love of my baseball life, the Marlins are a torrid affair I had once and still hold a candle for (the 1997 playoffs . . . Leyland, Counsell and Rent . . . I just couldn’t help myself). Losing to Dontrelle is no big thing, but I’m ready to see them pick themselves up and take the series now. Paronto going to the DL is bad news, but at least we didn’t lose a starter. When Cormier is healthy, I’m all for giving both he and Davies a chance ahead of Redman, but knowing Bobby’s love of veterans, we’ll be stuck with Redman for awhile. I guess I shouldn’t vote for this option until I’ve seen Davies pitch tonight, anyway.

The goofy TBS Xtra broadcast kept me sane during that massacre. I can’t get enough of that junk, and it was especially great last night, with Frenchy and Chuckie miked up. I can’t really remember anything Frenchy said specifically, but he was singing at one point, and he and Rent did some kind of sword-fight thing with their bats. It’s too bad he wasn’t miked when he dropped those fly balls. Makes me think of a quote I read in an article about Frenchy’s spirituality:

He admits, “I am certainly not perfect and in this environment I am often tempted to use language that would not honor the Lord, but I am trusting Him to give me victory over that.”

And that is why the mikes come off after batting practice. Also, try to picture Frenchy actually saying the above sentence out loud. Better yet, try to picture him using the phrase “I am often,” ever, under any circumstances.



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6 responses to “Boo Urns”

  1. Leah Avatar

    Yes, the Xtra stuff they did kept the game somewhat amusing until it was pretty much hopeless. Chuckie and his tootsie rolls were priceless. I don’t remember what Frenchy said either. I think it’s all Redman’s scarring that he did. Wilson’s locker was in fact interesting as well. How dare they ask Huddy what he thought about Redman in his interview. Huddy is not Redman and never will be. Huddy is so much better, even last he was better than Redman.

    I almost couldn’t believe Matty was on first. They had just put in Thorman, too. I’m guessing Bobby wanted to be smart and leave Matty’s bat in the game because he knew Langy couldn’t do any better at the plate. Plus, Matty has been hot with his bat lately. Bobby gets points for that one.

    I wish we would lose a starter and lose Redman. He is definitely not doing anything to help us at all. I think that Cormier and Davies can pull the bottom portion of the rotation fine. They sure would do better than Redman has. I felt bad for Paranto cause you could tell he was in pain. I just hope Moylan comes up and does well since McBride is still having issues with his mechanics. I guess we will see what happens tonight, which is hopefully a lot better than last night.

    1. Leah Avatar

      even last season he was better than Redman.*

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    let’s go braves! mets lost today, let’s get back that lead in the East.

    about that title: Braves… Simpsons… two of my most favoritestessst things. haha

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Ha — I was hoping someone would appreciate the title! I’ve just had that Simpsons scene in my head since last night when Joe mentioned the crowd booing.

  3. KatherineK Avatar

    Um, i just came across this…

    personally i’m partial to #19.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Hahaha . . . indeed.

      They totally used one of my favorite pictures, too.

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