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  • Break Out the Free Agent Jokes: Scooter’s Gettin’ Hitched!

    I have actual stuff to do at work today, since I’m blowing this popsicle stand next week and heading home to Atlanta after three long years in Athens (it may be the birthplace of Heap, but this town is not for me), but I’m still going to take time out of my workday to post, […]

  • At Least The Mets Lost

    Early in the season there were a lot of stories about jobless Redman practicing in his basement during the offseason, just on the off chance that some desperate team would pick him up. Apparently he’d constructed a pitching mound and painted a backstop down there. You know what? I think that was a lie. Did […]

  • Operation H.A.M.E.L.S.

    Three things we really needed yesterday: 1. The walkoff win, after all the unbelievable bullshit that happened in late innings during the road trip. 2. Gonzo’s perfect ninth, after losing Wicky to the DL. He looked incredible. I think the ninth brings out the best in him. 3. A great outing by Huddy for a […]

  • Quotable

    This is probably obvious, but I’m ridiculously fond of ballplayers’ quotes in throwaway articles about their performances. The whole exercise is a little insane when you really think about it, and reminds me of an old episode of Dr. Katz where a Conan O’Brien-type late night host is interviewing a model and says, “So, you’re […]

  • Boo Urns

    I heard there was a lot of booing at the game last night. I can’t blame the crowd at all. Personally, I fell asleep in the eighth, confident that I wouldn’t really miss anything. As it turns out, I missed Diaz playing first. Shit! Frenchy was the recipient of some booing, along with our bargain […]