Tonight’s Forecast

The Weather Channel’s website has a feature that allows you to look up the weather for your team, along with a history of how they’ve performed under various conditions in the past. Kind of neat, as Heap and Frenchy would say.

I just checked the weather for the game against the Nationals tonight, and while the low for tonight is listed at 42 degrees, the high is “N/A,” or “not applicable.”

Does that mean the weather won’t affect the game, or that even if the temperature was higher than forty degrees, it wouldn’t matter, we’re doomed?? Or maybe it just means that there’s no chance in hell it won’t be cold and miserable tonight in Washington D.C.? Get ready to see some stylish face-hugging hoodies modeled by our guys once again. I love how they spread from just Andruw, to Andruw and Frenchy, to Andruw, Frenchy, Rent, Diaz, Woodward and others — that Andruw, always a trendsetter.






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  1. Leah Avatar

    I noticed that about them following suit after Andruw sports a ski mask one game. They look up to him and want to be like him, so whatever he does they want to do to be cool like Druw, too. Although some of them just look like idiots in them, but I’m sure when it’s keeping them warm, they aren’t caring how they look.

    They also had the pant legs rolled up in the outfield a few games back when Matty ended up playing first. I wonder who coordinated that one.

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