So, I hated Troy Tulowitizki all season. The little bugger turned an unassisted triple play against us! But I felt kind of pissed off/personally insulted/confused when he didn’t win the NL Rookie of the Year award this afternoon. Why?? In other news, Andruw is still going to be macking on chicks at Twist in the… Continue reading ROY

Birth Day

So yesterday was Andruw’s birthday, and it was also the birthday of that one poor Marlins reliever who had his entire family sitting behind home plate and watching while he almost singlehandedly blew the game there at the end. I thought something significant might happen when they faced each other, some kind of cosmic event,… Continue reading Birth Day

Tonight’s Forecast

The Weather Channel’s website has a feature that allows you to look up the weather for your team, along with a history of how they’ve performed under various conditions in the past. Kind of neat, as Heap and Frenchy would say. I just checked the weather for the game against the Nationals tonight, and while… Continue reading Tonight’s Forecast

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Let the Jokes About Chipper’s Sex Life Begin

Chipper’s beard was a hot topic of conversation among the ESPN announcers today, during the first televised Braves spring training game (also the first game ESPN has televised this season). Apparently, the beard is Chipper’s way of “rebelling against his wife,” who hates it. Chipper was interviewed by the dudes after he was taken out… Continue reading Let the Jokes About Chipper’s Sex Life Begin