Good Old Days

I wish I could have seen these films; they sound really funny and interesting. Two things about that article bothered me, though: “I think the money has changed a lot, and I think that’s reflected in these films,” Filipi said. “Everything just seemed slower back then, and people took the time to appreciate more. It… Continue reading Good Old Days

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Owl On The Field!

Apparently a recent soccer game between Finland and Belgium was held up for six minutes by an owl who decided to hang out on the field for awhile. There has got to be someone out there who remembers the time this happened at a Braves game. In fact, the owl in this video clip actually… Continue reading Owl On The Field!

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Smoltzy’s Here to Stay

The news that Smoltz signed a contract extension is not exactly surprising, but it’s definitely a comfort. I really admire him for staying with one team throughout his entire career, and I admire the Braves for being the type of organization that makes players want to stay. I hope it starts happening more often. Smoltzy’s… Continue reading Smoltzy’s Here to Stay


This is probably obvious, but I’m ridiculously fond of ballplayers’ quotes in throwaway articles about their performances. The whole exercise is a little insane when you really think about it, and reminds me of an old episode of Dr. Katz where a Conan O’Brien-type late night host is interviewing a model and says, “So, you’re… Continue reading Quotable

The Rise of the Silver Catcher

It’s promotion schedule time! This year it’s mostly the old standards — a night where you can win the game worn jerseys (tastefully abbreviated as JOOB on the schedule), t-shirt giveaways, bat nights, hat nights, and plenty of kids running the bases all summer long. They also offer a sneak preview of the Heap statue… Continue reading The Rise of the Silver Catcher

A Few Videos

So, I was planning on posting this lengthy video interview with Smoltz and Francoeur before I heard about Smoltz’s divorce last night, but it’s kind of interesting to look at it now in light of that. The interview was done at a Baptist church in Augusta back in November. It’s about forty-five minutes long and… Continue reading A Few Videos