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  • “Mistakes Were Made”

    Here’s a quote from Heap in the AJC article about last night’s game: “We made some mental mistakes on the bases early . . .” We, Heap? That game had a surreal feeling to it. Things went a little too perfectly for the Nationals on the night of their new stadium’s opening and in the […]

  • Awwww . . .

    Now that was just downright heartwarming. Way to go, Huddy (and Heap).

  • “Stuff-Wise”

    Now that we’re back in second place, let’s check out the explanations for our loss to the Dodgers last night: Huddy, you’re up first: “I felt like I went out there and pitched as good as I could tonight with the kind of stuff that I had. But Derek came out there and he was […]

  • Wait . . . What?

    I’m so frustrated over that game last night, I’m sitting here having to tell myself to calm down. I was already in an overemotional baseball place after coming across a documentary about Cubs fans during lunch yesterday, which somehow had me in near tears for an hour. And now this happens, with no baseball tonight […]

  • Larry Loves NYC

    Is it just me, or was that game about ten minutes long? I had such a great time watching it, it was over too soon! But I certainly appreciated Huddy’s quick innings — he has truly blown me away so far this season. I was one of Huddy’s biggest detractors last year, and it’s so […]

  • The Frenchy Psychoanalysis Era Continues

    Yesterday’s win was nice, with a few things that made me nervous early on, but seemed to right themselves by the end. At first, Huddy’s high pitch count was worrisome. He was getting his outs, but he was just throwing way too many pitches, and it’s the Nationals, so you’re going to get outs either […]

  • Let the Wacky Races Begin!

    Every now and then, the Braves play a game that comes off looking like an episode of the Wacky Races. A Wacky Races game necessarily involves extra innings, some combination of weird errors and amazing plays, and fans acting like morons. Usually, it also involves the Cubs. Like that game last year, where we hit […]