“Mistakes Were Made”

Here’s a quote from Heap in the AJC article about last night’s game:

“We made some mental mistakes on the bases early . . .”

We, Heap?

That game had a surreal feeling to it. Things went a little too perfectly for the Nationals on the night of their new stadium’s opening and in the presence of the President, and we looked like a bunch of clowns (save for Huddy, who was fantastic). And to cap it all off with a walk-off homer by Zimmerman? Psssh. I demand a full investigation!

What was Chipper doing during the national anthem? Crossing himself? Since when is he Catholic? I did enjoy his typically forthcoming therapy session with the press. “Zim put us out of our misery” is a particularly excellent Chipper quote to start the season.



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8 responses to ““Mistakes Were Made””

  1. Lauren T. Avatar

    It did have a set-up feel to it, didn’t it? I mean, Odalis Perez??

    I hate that Moylan was the picked-on pitcher of choice. His 6.75 ERA will take a while to get down. :(

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, and he looked awesome otherwise.

  2. skeptic Avatar

    The “We” meant Hubbard as well. He should’ve known better than to send McCann. That was a perfect bounce off the wall for the Nats.

    It stunk to lose, but at least Chipper has the 1st homerun in their house. lol

  3. skeptic Avatar

    And don’t forget, Kelly was caught stealing in that game.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, he was. I didn’t think to blame Hubby. Did he forget who Heap is? He never tries for second on that hit!

  4. Leah Avatar

    I felt bad for Heap because of the sad look on his face after he realized he was a sitting duck. He really was trying to run faster, he just can’t do it obviously. I’m not sure if Heap didn’t see if bounce off the wall until he was already around first or if Hubbard sent him. I seriously thought that ball was gone the moment it came off his bat. Maybe Heap will rebound tonight, as well as everyone else.

    Tough loss, but it seemed like everything we did was against us, with the exception of Chipper christening the field with the first homer and the passed ball in the 9th, which totally got me excited and hopeful of coming back to win. Of course, to only be disappointed again. The Nats got lucky somehow and now everyone I know are saying they can’t believe the Nationals beat the Braves. Well, we’re not perfect and we’re going to lose games. Losses like that are just hard to stomach. But I think we’ll come back and be alright.

  5. skeptic Avatar

    “everyone I know are saying they can’t believe the Nationals beat the Braves.”

    i think some people forget to realize that baseball is a sport where winning just half of the games is great, anything over that is gravy – so most teams WILL lose around 80 games a season. period. they just have to accept that.

    and it’s a sport where batters being successful just 1/4 of the time is good (if they can put up the HR’s), but 1/3 of the time is considered awesome.
    a typical batter in 504 at bats will not be successful in getting on base around 336 times.
    kind of puts it in perspective.

    just imagine if we could get away with just 30-50% of success at work! lol ;-)

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