Wait . . . What?

I’m so frustrated over that game last night, I’m sitting here having to tell myself to calm down. I was already in an overemotional baseball place after coming across a documentary about Cubs fans during lunch yesterday, which somehow had me in near tears for an hour. And now this happens, with no baseball tonight to erase it.

First of all, why in the fucking hell was Wilson taking up space in the lineup last night? Bobby’s really that much of a slave to lefty-righty, when Thor finally gets going and has some momentum, he sits him just in case Wilson has the slightest chance of doing anything, ever? Which he does not? Have? At all? And why did Matty come out of the game when he finally started hitting, including a homer? Why is Langerhans anywhere near the batter’s box, even when it looks like we have the game in the bag? I know these two things might not have made a difference, but we had a better chance with Thor and Matty than with Guaranteed Outs Number One and Two, and I’m just so tired of lefty-righty every night, I’m going to start blaming it for everything, even losses like this.

Not really, but God, that game was infuriating. Scooter homered in his first at-bat, which had me laughing out loud with delight — that is so Scooter, it’s like his signature move — then Chipper, and Huddy was amazing, and Cabrera was limping around uselessly, and if Huddy couldn’t do the complete game, we had three guys who could save it, no problem. Even when Bobby left Huddy in to finish it, no alarm bells really went off for me — he looked fine in the eighth. He should have come out after giving up back to back hits, but what the hell are you gonna do. That one just really hurt.

To make us all feel better, here’s the picture of Smoltz with little Heap (and his brother, on the far left), with thanks to Dave for sending it to me:

Alright, even that didn’t really cheer me up. We’d better sweep the mother ‘effin Rockies this weekend. And if I even catch sight of Wilson or Langerhans during any of the games (and, let’s face it, I definitely will: ending rallies, hitting into double plays — they’ll be around, doing their thing, no matter what), well, I’ll . . . rant at my TV. Sigh.



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  1. RehabReject Avatar

    I was at this game… Imagine how awful I felt! Sitting through 8 wonderful innings and then watch the Marlins get a couple of cheap hits and win it.

    I was over by the Braves bullpen. Soriano was warming up in the 8th and that catcher’s mitt was POPPING! I know hindsight is 20-20 but I really think Bobby should’ve put Soriano in with the bases loaded and the score still 3-0. Soriano is a strikeout guy and he might have struck out the side to end it.

    Oh well…

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Ugh, I’m sorry you had to see that in person! I agree about Soriano, but what are you gonna do. I just want to forget that game, which sucks, because it was great for eight innings.

    2. RehabReject Avatar

      oh yeah… Langerhans and Wilson looked TERRIBLE. Andruw looked horrible at the plate as well. He kept flinching at every single pitch and swinging with his head facing the left field foul pole.

  2. Leah Avatar

    There was a number of reasons why we lost the game, it wasn’t just one oddly enough. In the AJC article, Huddy was blaming himself, Wicky was blaming himself, and Mac was pretty much blaming himself for missing that ball. Mac said he wasn’t going to make excuses and he needed to catch the ball. I don’t know what happened to him or why he didn’t throw himself in front that ball like he usually does, but he didn’t and we lost for more reasons than one, not just because of that passed ball. Maybe this entire game was like a wake up call to the team, maybe to bring them closer as a team or something with a deeper meaning.

    Who knows? I just hate that there is no mind eraser game until tomorrow night. We just need to move on and forget about it because there’s nothing we can do to change the outcome. It just made me sick to watch the Marlins celebrate afterward like they’d won the World Series or something. We’re now at Coors Field, so maybe we’ll come out smoking with our bats or lets hope so anyway. Lets hope we fair better than the Mets did against the Rockies.

    I also agree with you about Thorman sitting after he gets hot. Bobby did that to KJ after he started getting hot, not that he makes him sit every game though like he does Thorman. How is Thorman ever going to break out if he’s always sitting on the bench and put on the back burner behind can’t-do-nothing Wilson?

    Also, it made me mad that Matty finally gets hot with his bat, but he always gets taken out in the 8th to let Langerhans (who should sit out a few games to see if that effects him any) play. I just don’t understand that. Matty was doing well, but no, Langerhans has to come in and become one more out that we get. What does Bobby have against Matty? His bat and fielding is there even if it’s not the most graceful of fielding and he’s streaky when batting sometimes. He’s doing better than Langerhans offensively that’s for sure. Sometimes I just don’t understand Bobby’s way of thinking, but I don’t guess he asks me my opinion, unfortunately.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      What does Bobby have against Matty?

      I’d really like to know that myself. Orr has basically the same personality, as far as I can tell, and Bobby adores him.

      1. Leah Avatar

        Who really knows. All I know is Matty is better than Langerhans offensively and almost as good defensively and he’s not getting his chance to prove himself hardly at all. That’s sad.

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