Youk’s Revenge

Not much to say about that road trip except “wow, it sucked.” I mean, sucked like I didn’t even think we were capable of sucking. Not yet, not when I was just getting used to the idea of actually staying on pace with the Mets this season. I really wanted to go into this series at home on a high note, but I guess we’re just going to have to turn things around starting tomorrow.

Things I did like about this series:

–Smoltzy looked great, despite the pinky. That little collision with Kearns could have gone so much worse.

–Frenchy went through a little stupid spell in Washington, but he remembered whatever he learned from his Heap Tapes in Boston, and looked so smart up there. Unfortunately, as Mac suggests over at Braves Journal, Andruw seems to somehow have gotten ahold of Frenchy’s old brain. Didn’t Bobby tell Frenchy not to leave that thing lying around? Doesn’t he know Andruw’s at that age when he gets into everything?! But speaking of smart, how brilliant was Salty pinch hitting, looking at eleven pitches before walking in a run (after he missed a grand slam by about ten feet)? We really, really need another starter, but I want to keep him. Could we get a starter for Thor? I’ve always liked him, but he’s pretty much dead to me after grounding into that double play yesterday — at least for a week or so.

–I haven’t seen them all stupid-happy like they were during that monsoon win on Saturday night in awhile. The Former House Mates in particular: did anyone else notice the shot of Frenchy giving Kelly a pep talk before he went out there to try for a single to complete the cycle? And Heap pulling Kelly out of the high-five lineup to hug him just killed me. Classic Those Two — Frenchy being all, “EVEN IF YOU HIT IT TO THE WALL, STOP AT FIRST, OK?!?” and then Heap with the sympathetic encouragement when he couldn’t do it. Winning is always good, but they’re also so much funnier when they’re winning.

Though Heap can be pretty funny when we’re losing, too. Check out the latest pupil in the Chipper Jones School of Stink Eye:

Here he is all thrilled that he’s tagged out Youks at home, biting his tongue and trying not to grin. But then:

Youks hits a cheap, foul-ish homer, and BOY has Heap got the stink eye working. Nice. Chipper would be proud.

We’re up against our old friend Jorge Sosa tomorrow night. I wish I could be at the game to boo the living hell out of him. One of my greatest memories of last year was Bobby putting Sosa in late when we had a significant lead, and Sosa immediately giving up a walk. Before the batter had even made it down to first, Bobby stormed out to the mound (and we all know that Bobby isn’t normally very quick on his feet) to flagrantly chew Sosa out (this was well into the long season of bullpen mediocrity, plenty of it from Sosa himself), and poor Rent had to stand there and translate. The best part was Heap standing in the middle of all of this and looking terrified, his eyes bouncing back and forth between Sosa, Bobby and Rent like one of those cat clocks.

But anyway, we’d better absolutely annihilate Sosa tomorrow. I wonder if he and Rent still have their matching purses?



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  1. Leah Avatar

    Just when I think nothing could possibly cheer me up after this weekend (well, a Met killing would, but that would cheer up any Braves fan). With Davies on the mound, it’s hard to say what he might bring to the table, but let’s hope the kid remembers what the Sosa-wannabe did last year and along with our offense, break him down to show his true colors. The past few starts Davies has shown progress, he just gets the bad end of the deal it seems.

    McFrenchScoot moments are all so aww-worthy. I really would have loved to see the MacScoot hug; I think I missed that, but I can’t remember. I blame the loss from yesterday among other things. But you gotta love them stupid-happy though, lol.

    I used to have a pic somewhere, may be on my other computer, of Mac giving serious stink eye to the camera. If I find it, I’ll send it to you. I miss your posts like these everyday, lol.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Aw, thanks! I’ll get back to posting here more often — we’re in the process of moving (back to Atlanta! yay!), so I’m a little crazed at the moment, but soon I’ll be unemployed, so I might end up posting five times a day, heh!

      1. Leah Avatar

        You’re welcome! Hope the move goes smoothly. That wouldn’t bother me with how good your posts are.

        I wasn’t able to find the Mac picture I was refering to, but I did make an icon out of it before it mysteriously disappeared from my other computer.

        I think it was a Yahoo! picture from last season, which they deleted I’m sure. But you might recognize it:

        I also found a younger Mac picture as well:

        It’s rather interesting, lol.

      2. Leah Avatar

        Since my last comment refused to post for whatever reason:

        You’re welcome! Hope the move goes smoothly. I wouldn’t mind you posting 5 times a day, lol.

        Interesting Young Heap Pic.

        Also the picture I was talking about but was unable to find the original was this:

        Heap icon I made from that stink eye picture.

        Also, Heap is now pimpin’ in his ’07 Corvette he now drives, lol.

        1. Leah Avatar

          This thing doesn’t like me today I swear, lol.

          Here’s the second one again:

          1. Jenny Avatar

            Yeah, for some reason it asked me to moderate your comment, though it usually only does that for first-time posters. So that was weird, sorry!

            The teenage Heap picture is a RIOT! I laughed out loud. I love that uniform — he had Johnny Bench’s number, aw!

          2. Leah Avatar

            Yes, I tried not to laugh at that picture. He looks so excited though, lol.

  2. Dreamscape Avatar


    MAN purses. As an owner myself, that first word is key.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      LOL, sorry.

      I just love that they had the exact same one. Maybe they hand them out in the clubhouse.

      1. Dreamscape Avatar

        Know who else has a man purse?

        Jack Bauer.

        …sorry, just watched the season finale of 24 and thought about this when I saw him.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          Haha — I think I read somewhere that Heap is a big fan of that show. Maybe he requested the off day yesterday so he could watch the finale. ;)

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