Pick Up After Yourself, Frenchy

First Andruw ends up with Frenchy’s old brain, and now, just when I was rejoicing that Frenchy finally shaved that godawful beard he was sporting for about a week, Heap has slapped Frenchy’s old beard on his own face. Heap, WHY?! You had the lumberjack stubble thing down so well, and you’ve never made the same sort of awful facial hair mistakes that the rest of these yokels are capable of (remember the fu manchus? Heap wisely abstained from that disaster). Is this just a slump busting attempt? Is it just a “Frenchy did it so it must be cool” thing? Whatever it is, I really don’t need this right now, Heap. Gonzo is out for the season, Huddy has had two bad outings in a row, and poor Devy got sent back to the minors without a single appearance (unless you count his bit part in Thursday’s Eddie Perez comedy routine). But really I don’t blame Heap. Frenchy just needs to quit leaving his old stuff lying around.

Speaking of Heap, has anyone else noticed that he just has to get the last word in whenever there is a meeting on the mound? McDowell will come out, and Heap will stand there listening stoically, but when McDowell trots off Heap will kind of pretend to leave, then will turn back to the mound with the subtlety of a good pick-off move and start whispering frantically to the pitcher. Every time he does it, I can’t help imagining him saying, “Okay, forget everything he just said. Here’s what we’re really gonna do.”

The one bright moment of that game last night was Bobby moving up on the all-time ejections chart. Everyone must have been bitching about the ump in the dugout, because Rent was ready for a fight, very uncharacteristically. His ejection definitely hurt our offense, but I appreciated the opportunity to see Bobby thrown out yet again. The replays are the best part: I could watch Bobby saying “bullshit” in slow motion for hours.



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  1. Leah Avatar

    I saw the game in portions since I was at my sister’s house in Columbus before going to the game today. I saw a glimpse of Mac and was like, “what did he do?” I had to look again, but they took forever to show him up close again. When they did I was like, “oh my, Mac you’ve gone off the deep end.” My sister proceeded to ask me if he had dyed his facial hair and I really couldn’t answer that clearly, but I don’t think he did. His facial hair is darker than his hair color anyway.

    But as you say, I don’t think I like the new look, I prefer the scruffy beard rather than the goatee myself at least on Mac anyway. He looks like a different person almost from a distance. I have to wonder what possessed him to do that.

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