And the Offseason Rolls On . . .

So Andruw ended up in L.A. (and we thought he wrecked havoc here in little old Buckhead . . . just wait!), Cormier was released, and the Braves are building a section behind home plate for the Scrooge McDucks of Atlanta baseball fandom. It’s always nice to have some news in the offseason, and to find out where players will end up for the year, but most is pretty lame. I just can’t get into it without Skip’s commentary and Bulova commercials.

HOWEVER, please see this incredibly exciting Heap n’ Frenchy video, (scroll to 1:40) which features the two of them taking in a Hawks game, of all things. Aficionados will note that Heap is wearing The Shirt. I love that Frenchy’s reaction to significant action during a game is the same as mine: stand up, remain standing up for an inappropriate amount of time, then stare at everyone who is sitting down in shock/disappointment. Many thanks to Leah for the link.



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4 responses to “And the Offseason Rolls On . . .”

  1. Leah Avatar

    Again, you’re welcome. Anything involving Heap and even Frenchy during the off season can only make the time go by faster or at least make it seem less boring.

  2. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    The Shirt!

    It’s funny how Brian and Frenchy seem to react like you and I, Jenny. I’m Heap, sitting down when I think I’ve appropriately acknowledged the moment, and you’re saying, “Did you SEE that?” and having much more reaction than I am. Heh.

    I’m so ready for this season to start. Or for Chop Talk to prove the McCann wedding actually went down, since no one seems to have concrete information about it. I mean, I didn’t expect him to invite the AJC, but…still. Nothing.

    1. Leah Avatar

      I’m with you on the McCann wedding happening or not. It’s weird that there’s nothing about it anywhere, except the wedding registries, but that doesn’t really prove it happened since those were done probably months before. Hopefully he had the notion to say something about it in ChopTalk, but if not, then I guess everyone will find out at FanFest at the earliest.

    2. Jenny Avatar

      Ha — yeah, that’s true at hockey games at least. We have pretty equal reactions to seeing our texts up on the scoreboard, though.

      The Heapster doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, clearly. I don’t blame him. I did expect a little post-wedding note on the official site, though. I wonder if they’ll mention Kelly’s wedding at all next month.

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