Something Cheerful

I haven’t posted in a week because I don’t know what to say. I was fairly certain that things would eventually go badly this year, but things went so immediately and overwhelmingly badly that jokes ain’t coming easy. But I found this lovely anecdote about Devy, who has been called up to the A’s, and thought I’d post it, to lift my own spirits if not anyone else’s.

Looks like he’s still getting dicked around by travel circumstances and prevailing — God bless you, Devy. If our bullpen is shit all year (which, yeah, not a stretch!), I will accept it as the curse of the albatross that we killed which was you. If that makes sense.

Also uplifting: Heap taking off his pants in the dugout. Disturbing, too, but still a sign of life.







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  1. Leah Avatar

    That Heap video actually put me in a better mood last night after that horrific game (I missed it being shown on TV). It was kinda funny, too, that everyone seemed to smack him playfully (most notably Hampton who Heap was standing right in front of or I believe that’s Hampton) while doing so, but he didn’t seemed phased by any of it. I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and wonder what his reaction was when/if someone ever told him he was on camera while doing that. That’s not something he should keep doing if we keep playing like we did last night and almost every other night.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I think Heap is feeling a little lost. Taking your pants off in the dugout is perhaps a sign of hard times, though yeah, it did seem to inspire team unity in that they all immediately got grabby with him.

  2. skeptic Avatar

    that is sooo funny! -especially for the ‘shy’ guy to be doing it! and was anyone else turned on by frenchy’s glaring look & comments to jacobs after he was shoved out at first? lol

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I usually love a good Frenchy tirade but that one just pissed me off for some reason. He has not earned the right to be a primadonna yet this season. Yuney’s melodramatic gestures, however, are much appreciated by me.

  3. skeptic Avatar

    wha?! primadonna? jacobs totally shoved him. -which was completely lacking in common sense to extend an arm out when a 220-lb guy is running full out by you. any other player would’ve reacted the same way, and rightfully so. he’s lucky frenchy didn’t rip is arm off/out.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Oh, I gotcha — I was watching it at a bar in the midst of a trivia game, and I just looked up and saw Frenchy pitching a fit.

  4. Lauren T. Avatar

    Jacobs did shove him, but I think Frenchy dramatized it a little. You can fall, or you can faaaalllllllll. ;)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Frenchy dramatized it a little

      I generally assume that’s the case. ;)

    2. skeptic Avatar

      not sure how else he could’ve fallen…when he was busting down the line at full speed and someone stiff arms him on the way by…
      just sayin’.

      1. Lauren T. Avatar

        Watch “Restaurant” here:

        Then we’ll play an SAT-style game to explain…Pepper Costume is to Jazz Hands as McCann is to Francoeur.

        McCann would have fallen down in a heap (excuse the pun); Frenchy made a show out of it.

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