Andruw: Still Breaking My Heart

I have this thing about inanimate objects, probably from watching The Brave Little Toaster too many times as a kid. I believe they should be treated with a certain degree of respect. I don’t like it when people smash guitars, and I hate that scene in Office Space when they beat up the copier. So as I’m reading through this article about Andruw’s continued struggles, I’m feeling a little sorry for him, but also relieved we don’t have to deal with it anymore, and then I come to this quote:

“. . . I’m not going to break stuff because I strike out. It’s not the bat’s fault; it’s not the helmet’s fault.”

And that kinda crushed me. What the hell happened to him, anyway?

In happier ex-Brave news, here’s a cheerful article about Devy doing well in the A’s bullpen, and making friends with fellow Braves alum Alan Embree. He recently got a win after pitching a scoreless tenth. I hope he’ll pitch in this upcoming series with Oakland. Having Kotsay on the team has been surprisingly helpful, and I’m actually glad to see Devy doing well with another team. It came to the point where I didn’t trust this one with him.

And speaking of this team. Last night. Psssh. Many thanks to Lauren for recording one of the few worthwhile moments, as I was in the car when this happened, and would have been heartbroken forever if I didn’t get to see the Dugout Reconciliation of ’08.

By Jenny

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  1. Devy’s mug shot is horrific, but poor Andruw’s batting average is worse. I think years of Bobby’s coddling have handicapped him now that he’s in the real world.

    Also, the video: LOVE. As my friend Holly (who’s not a baseball fan) said, “Baby and Frenchy are totally on a date in that video.” I’ve taught her well. :)

    1. I think years of Bobby’s coddling have handicapped him now that he’s in the real world.

      Yup. Terry’s, too, perhaps.

      I think someone walked up to Devy, told him, “you’re traded! Here’s your plane ticket to California!” then immediately took his picture for the A’s roster. Authentic surprise!

      1. Yeah, this blog needs a lot of things. :D

        I have an “edit this” option, but probably just because I’m the site admin.

        Anyway, yes. I haven’t seen Heap laugh like that since about May of 2007, maybe even longer. It’s about freakin’ time Frenchy declared somethin’ ;)

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