One Week At Disney and Skip Is Already Contemplating Murder

How awful were those green hats? I was embarrassed for everyone involved.

We lost to the Cards this afternoon, but no big deal — Smoltz got hit but he looked fine, Wicky looked sort of terrible. I have a bad feeling about Wicky this season, I don’t know. I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, we were on pace with the Cards for most of the game, hitting Looper pretty well (Wilson homered, Frenchy went 2-3, Thor displayed some amusing baserunning after hitting a triple), then the consistently horrible Jonathon Johnson (where did he come from and why?) threw the game away at the end. Last night we tied the Cards, and to be honest I don’t remember much of it, as I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early this year. One thing I do remember: the announcers mentioned that Kelly got some tips on his stance from Heap. I love it. When Bobby retires, I think we need to reinstate the old player-manager role and just let Heap whip everybody into shape.

I noticed the commercials for Sports South’s pre- and post-game Braves features for the first time today. I guess it will be similar to the old “Dodge Braves Report” and the “Around the South” that followed the game, but it should be interesting to see what they do with it. Their spring training broadcasts are really interview-heavy (sticking headsets on players as soon as they leave the game and speaking with them for quite awhile), and I normally like this sort of thing, but I wonder if they’re going to do it throughout the regular season? It seems like the players would get tired of it pretty quick. I do hope TBS continues making players wear mikes on the field from time to time . . . really enjoyed Diaz talking about time travel in the dugout last year, and everyone staring at him like he was insane. I also loved how Heap went completely silent when he was miked, to the point that Smoltz walked by and told him he should “probably say something.”

Skip was pretty great today (I muted the Sports South broadcast, sorry Joe), making fun of the way the horrid Disney PA announcer says “Thorman” and adding that “no jury in the world would convict you if you shot this PA man.” I don’t blame him; the Disney-fied park antics annoy me even from my couch. And what was up with playing the Star Wars theme when Smoltz came up to bat? Skip mentioned something about the players’ hotel, and said that they stayed in “the Safari hotel” last year. I can’t believe they stick them in the theme hotels! How great would be it if they made them stay in this one? Maybe the minor leaguers have to stay there as part of their hazing. That place looks nightmare-inducing — could that be what happened to poor Joey?



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