First Place For Now

I’m so glad I went to all three games this weekend, and not just the miserable home opener. The other two were a blast: my throat’s all sore from screaming, I’m sunburned, and I somehow pulled a muscle in my shoulder, I think from throwing up my arms after Andruw made that catch on Sunday. There’s nothing like being worn out after watching them take a series from the Mets, but I’ll be happy to watch the series against the Nationals from my couch after suffering through that weather.

I’m surprised that only 24,000-ish people showed up to the Easter game — the crowd did look pretty sparse, but we were sitting behind the dugout, and everyone in our section was really into it. There were a few Met fans — one, notably, was wearing a dorky ass white golf cap, and some drunk Braves fans behind us (possibly the same ones who were behind us on Saturday) mistook it for a beret and started calling the guy “Pierre,” which was excellent. Anyway, it was a good crowd, with everybody on their feet for Wicky at the end.

Davies reminded me a lot of Chuckie on Sunday. He made his mistakes, got the hell over it, and moved on. And he was getting a lot of fly ball outs — the drunk guys joked at one point that everyone but Davies and Andruw could leave the field. I wonder how much of a difference having Heap catch him made? I know Pena was catching for him for most of spring training, and I like Pena, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near as good with the pitchers as Heap, and I get the feeling that Chuckie’s game strategy is just whatever Heap tells him, so it was interesting to see Davies doing a bit of a Chuckie imitation when Heap caught him (he even gave up Chuckie’s usual two home runs in early innings). Either way, it was nice to see Davies get over his mistakes and go on to have a great game. Mental blocks always seemed to be a problem for him, and it really looked like he conquered himself on Sunday.

How great was Heap going into McCanDoNoWrong mode there at the end? And Heap getting on base has lately brought out the best in Frenchy, who put together a very mature, smart at-bat to score the winning run. Now if only their elders could start hitting, but Chipper seems to be coming around, and I’m sure Andruw will, hopefully sooner rather than later. The Nationals are coming up, so maybe their pitiable pitching staff will kick-start him.

While we face the Nationals at home, the Mets are hosting the Phillies, who have been playing like the Nationals and could very well get swept again. It’s extremely early, but I’m excited, and I can’t believe we already have to suffer through another off day.

Oh yeah, and Hampton’s injured again, or something, whatever. I’ve gone back to forgetting that he’s on our team, anyway.



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6 responses to “First Place For Now”

  1. RehabReject Avatar

    yeah, I don’t care if Hampton comes back or not. I’ll take Davies and Cormier instead of Hampton. I never really understood why get got that HUUUGE contract from Colorado anyway. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      At least players like Davies and Cormier have the potential for a future . . . Hampton seems like the walking dead at this point.

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    *he got

  3. Leah Avatar

    I agree that Davies did a wonderful job. He did remind me of Chuckie a little bit, too, with his edgeiness. I want to say that Mac catching for him had to make him feel more confident. Kyle and Mac grew up together playing with each other. I believe Mac caught for Kyle in the minors as well. When Kyle pitched during Spring Traing, Pena or Corky Miller caught him.

    I’m not saying Pena is a bad catcher, but there’s just something about Mac that Pena doesn’t have. I think it’s another one of Mac’s awesomeness traits that he keeps surprising everyone with. I was hoping before the game even started that maybe Mac catching Kyle would make a difference some in his performance.

    I do believe Kyle could stay on the roster in the rotation as well and have Mac catch for him all the time. I think he’s beginning to get back to where he was before he tore his groin muscle last season. Let’s just hope Mac continues being his awesome self and rubs off on some other people that haven’t done well yet, mainly Andruw at the plate.

  4. KatherineK Avatar

    Have we all seen the update that Hampton is out for the season?!!?

    I say go ahead and cut the cord!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, I guess I should post about that, ha. I’m well beyond caring, at this point.

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