Break Out the Free Agent Jokes: Scooter’s Gettin’ Hitched!

I have actual stuff to do at work today, since I’m blowing this popsicle stand next week and heading home to Atlanta after three long years in Athens (it may be the birthplace of Heap, but this town is not for me), but I’m still going to take time out of my workday to post,… Continue reading Break Out the Free Agent Jokes: Scooter’s Gettin’ Hitched!


Now that we’re back in second place, let’s check out the explanations for our loss to the Dodgers last night: Huddy, you’re up first: “I felt like I went out there and pitched as good as I could tonight with the kind of stuff that I had. But Derek came out there and he was… Continue reading “Stuff-Wise”

Birth Day

So yesterday was Andruw’s birthday, and it was also the birthday of that one poor Marlins reliever who had his entire family sitting behind home plate and watching while he almost singlehandedly blew the game there at the end. I thought something significant might happen when they faced each other, some kind of cosmic event,… Continue reading Birth Day

Good Game, Bad News

The team really impressed me as a whole last night, and it was a fun game to watch (except when the Vulch blew the save, but Colyer and Moylan managed to not completely destroy our chances, and thank God for Wicky). Davies looked fine, seemed to give up the fly ball pitcher identity he borrowed… Continue reading Good Game, Bad News

First Place For Now

I’m so glad I went to all three games this weekend, and not just the miserable home opener. The other two were a blast: my throat’s all sore from screaming, I’m sunburned, and I somehow pulled a muscle in my shoulder, I think from throwing up my arms after Andruw made that catch on Sunday.… Continue reading First Place For Now

That’s More Like It

If we looked like clowns on Friday, the Mets looked like amateur clowns yesterday. I guess it’s the wind messing with everybody, but all their errors were still appreciated by the crowd. Especially Shawn Green dropping that fly ball — the right field section actually started chanting “Shawn Green sucks.” I’m not sure if Mets… Continue reading That’s More Like It

Mystery Solved

I think I figured out why Davies struggles with confidence on the mound: The kid on the left in the back is Davies. Poor Davies; at least he’s kind of cute now. But the best part about this picture: the kid next to him, in the middle? Is Frenchy! Hahahaha. And the kid next to… Continue reading Mystery Solved