Soriano Saves the Day (And Possibly Smoltzy’s Life)

Last night’s game felt about eight hours long, especially during those last two outs in the eighth inning. Soriano may just be the great love of my 2007 baseball season. His composure is amazing, and he even gave Rent a little pat on the back in the dugout last night, surely to raise his spirits after Error Fest ’07, so who says he’s such a hard ass? Not wanting to pal around with Dave O’Brien is hardly jerk qualification.


That is the most emotion I’ve ever seen Langerhans display. I guess I can’t knock Bobby for playing him last night, because he did make a game-saving catch in the 8th, and made a couple of nice catches for Wicky in the 9th. He was the same ole sinkhole at the plate, though, striking out looking like the confused automaton that he is. The Former House Mates took care of most of the offense, with Kelly going 4-5, Heap 2-4 with an RBI and a walk, and Frenchy with a hit, a couple of RBIs and yes, even a walk of his own! What is going on here? Maybe he really did learn something from watching Heap Tapes during the offseason (and David Wright Tapes, too, which is almost as funny). I had hopes in spring training that were starting to falter a bit, but lately he’s got me feeling optimistic again.

Smoltz looked good for the most part, but had himself a little Maddux vs. Watercooler-style meltdown when he came out in the seventh. His quotes were kind of disturbing, too:

“I’m glad we won because I’m fearful of what I would have done to myself if we’d lost,” said Smoltz.

Oh really? Can someone take Smoltzy out for a beer or something? He seems a little tense lately, even for him.



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4 responses to “Soriano Saves the Day (And Possibly Smoltzy’s Life)”

  1. KatherineK Avatar

    I like how Kelly Johnson said in that same article that he couldn’t remember ever getting four hits in one game….

    Because it had not happened before!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I can’t believe I actually find him endearing now. He was a goober in his post-game TV interview, reminded me of the Heapster.

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    that was a good game but damn Renteria sure looked bad. The thing is I can’t really criticize anybody too hard because the weather right now is HORRIBLE. As a baseball player myself, anything under 60 degrees was awful to play in. You can’t feel your hands while batting or fielding.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Hell, I tried to eat a hot dog before one of the games I went to and could barely manage it. Not two minutes out of my gloves and my hands were basically unusable. I can’t wait until it warms up for good.

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