Birth Day

So yesterday was Andruw’s birthday, and it was also the birthday of that one poor Marlins reliever who had his entire family sitting behind home plate and watching while he almost singlehandedly blew the game there at the end. I thought something significant might happen when they faced each other, some kind of cosmic event, but Andruw just hit a double, which is nearly a major cosmic event itself so far this year, but it looks like he might be coming out of his early slump, so maybe not.

Yesterday was also the day Dontrelle’s first child was scheduled to be born. He was in usual Dontrelle form, unfazed. I think it may have freaked Davies out, though. That, or not having Heap catch him. I’m not sure what Davies’ problem is, but I’m glad to know that Cormier is doing alright and will hopefully be back soon. It will be interesting if Bobby lets Heap catch Redman tonight, to see if that has any effect (though actually Redman looked okay with Pena catching him in his last outing). I know Heap can’t keep Davies from missing the spots he sets down for him, but when I heard Heap was sitting last night, my first thought was, “Davies will be awful,” and what do you know, he sure was.

Kelly was also sitting last night, because apparently Bobby’s real mission this season is to get Woodward some more at-bats, consequences be damned. Or maybe there’s some other motivation . . .

Looks like Woody’s real purpose in this game was to go all velociraptor and re-enact the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park at the right moment. A creative plan of attack, Bobby, but ultimately not really effective, though it may have scarred Willingham there for life.

Best image of the day comes from the AJC notes:

Jeff Francoeur was rummaging through Andruw Jones’ personal case of sunglasses Monday, trying to find a pair the center fielder loaned him for Sunday’s game at New York. Jones spotted him from across the clubhouse.

“Get out of there,” Jones said with mock seriousness. “Have some respect.”

Just the phrase “Andruw Jones’ personal case of sunglasses” is rather excellent, and c’mon, Dave, mock seriousness? I doubt it.







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  1. wuky Avatar

    I’m still trying to figure out why Cox played Woodward over KJ. KJ was in the zone. He was lacing everything. I guess that means he needed time to cool off, or something!?! Considering that Edgar, Chip, and Andruw all had multi-hit nights, it didn’t help that Woodward went 1-5. Bad call, Bobby.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      He may be the most platoon-happy manager of all time, completely indifferent to actual performance (Brian Jordan last year, ugh). Drives me nuts.

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