“What’s Wrong With My Hair?”

I actually thought the beginning of this Dave O’Brien blog was kinda funny. I’m scared for my sanity, naturally. But there are also some good quotes there for those of you who aren’t losing your minds, including some from Wilson about his hair (“what’s wrong with it?”) and Gonzalez’s girlfriend (“hot”). Also, apparently Rent has arrived, though I’ve yet to see a picture of him. His conversation with Dave about Shakira is rather great.

This picture has a real nature show quality to it . . . like the photographer was sneaking up on a flock of Braves in their natural habitat, observing their strange stretching behavior.

Sit-ups! What’s up with the one guy who’s just lying on his stomach? I thought LaRoche left for Pittsburgh?

Now they break out the leg rubberbands.

Close-up on Cormier with his rubberband – that one guy is still lying around on his stomach back there! Who is that? Salty, maybe?

Apparently Langerhans had the nerve to be born on the same day as Heap. Typical!

Our first shot of the elusive Corky Miller – he’s the one in the middle. He looks like Bruce Campbell.

The catchers getting some instruction from a coach . . . is that Heap leaning up against the fence with his sunglasses on like he’s way too cool for this? I love it.

Who is allowing Heap to catch without his chest protector?! Frenchy, get the hell on it!

Thank you! I see he also reminded Heap to put his hand behind his back. Good job, Frenchy.

I love how that one girl is just outright sticking a camera in his face. I can’t blame her, though.

Frenchy doing what he does best.

Andruw looks like he might have to kick a little Texan ass. I love how he kind of smirks even when he’s giving someone the stink eye.

What will we do next season without Andruw and his smiling?!

He’s looking pretty fit! According to Dave, Rent also looks like he’s in better shape than he was last season (not that he didn’t look fine then). Now if only I could find a single picture of him! But he’s pretty famous for hiding from the press whenever possible.

Chipper is still sporting The Beard. I like the palm trees in the background there.

The beard is even scarier up close. If wonder if he’s mad at his wife or something, or did he just lose a bet? That thing is somebody’s punishment for something, I’m sure.

Kelly has gone from looking scared and confused to just confused. So, progress!

Huddy doesn’t look very happy to be asked to sign a bat that already sports signatures from Langerhans and Orr.

The AJC describes this as Bobby contemplating something. Sort of looks like he’s contemplating whether he’s pregnant with a boy or a girl.

I’ll leave you guys with this:

We may have our problems — nervous second basemen, no fifth starter, indifferent owners — but at least we’re not Yankee fans. It looks really painful.



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