Rock’em Sock’em Braves

Davies and McBride were both shaky on the mound in our game against the Nationals today, but they’re the Nationals, so we still won 10-6. But don’t worry: Davies says “[his] groin felt great!” So we can all rest easy there. McBride, I don’t know. I could feel how tense and uncomfortable he was through the radio broadcast, and this is only a spring training game. A spring training game against the Nationals. McBride needs to get some confidence or get out of the way. Same goes for Davies, really: they both strike me as very nervous pitchers, prone to succumbing to their own anxiety. I’m not sure there’s a cure for that.

At least we have our lefty Gonzalez, who is not nervous at all, and in fact almost started a fight yesterday with the Nationals’ “colorful” first baseman Robert Fick. Actually, Fick was the one causing trouble, but Gonzo shut him down quick, sounds like:

“It doesn’t even matter,” Gonzalez said. “He should keep his mouth shut.”

Damn right, he should. I’m kind of curious about seeing this new generation of Braves in a brawl someday. Thor and Chuckie would obviously be our most valuable fighters, but I definitely think Gonzo could do some damage, too. I used to think Frenchy was too much of a spaz to be very effective in a fight, but then I read this post, linked from Deadspin, about the time Frenchy challenged A-Rod to a duel for being mean to a clubhouse kid who brought him the wrong type of sandwich.

How did I never hear about this until today?! A-Rod was being a douchebag and Frenchy called him on it? MY Frenchy?? I love it, and the funny thing is, when I read this? It was just so awesome, so unbelievably perfect (defending a whimpering underling from A-Rod? Of all people?) that I actually felt guilty for ripping on Frenchy in the constructive way that I do. Which is stupid, but it got me thinking: maybe Bobby isn’t slipping when he lets Frenchy play 162 games instead of benching him to knock some humility into him (as he once famously did to Andruw), maybe Terry isn’t a big pushover for embracing Frenchy’s aggressiveness gospel. Maybe people just do whatever Frenchy wants by default. Maybe he has some kind of power over people, something to do with his looks combined with the fact that he’s this noble twelve year old stuck in an adult’s body. It never would have occurred to me if I hadn’t heard this A-Rod story, and guess who just wrote about the A-Rod story in his blog? Peter Gammons. Yep. He did a whole feature on the awesomeness of Frenchy.

He has fallen under the spell! Even Gammons is not immune!

Is this the reason Gammons has been so high on the Braves all throughout spring training? Because he met Frenchy in person and was like, holy shit, all this and he almost decked A-Rod, and not even because, who wouldn’t, but for an actual good cause? I don’t know, man. Regardless, it’s legitimate, I think, to be afraid that Frenchy might never reach his potential because people let him get away with things.

Oh, and the quote of the day isn’t even Davies talking about his groin. It goes to Bobby, for his response to the Gonzo-Fick altercation:

Braves manager Bobby Cox shook his head, chuckled, and said, “Fick … [geez].”

And all because the “geez” is in brackets. Put anything that would be censored in there and it’s pretty great. Bobby with the press is such a thing of beauty.



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5 responses to “Rock’em Sock’em Braves”

  1. erik Avatar

    I went to high school with Jeff, and I never remember him getting into any fights. Although he got pretty close a couple of times. When Jeff’s really mad, you pretty much back down by default. I think A-Rod would even be intimidated.

    I definitely think that Cox and TP are taking the wrong approach with Frenchy. Coach Flowe, his old football coach, is a notorious hard-ass. I can pretty much guarantee that he wouldn’t be in the majors if it weren’t for that.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      A hard-ass would do him so much good. I kind of wish Heap would step up to the plate and tell him a thing or two. I think Frenchy would listen to him, but I can see how that would be really awkward. Maybe Chipper could do it, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of player who gets involved in other guys’ struggles.

      You went to high school with him? Got any funny stories for me?

  2. flournoy Avatar

    I knew a couple of guys who went to high school with Francoeur (and transitively, with erik as well). The closest I could come to pulling a story out of either of them was that he was a very big guy and pretty funny too. Nothing negative, at least.

    Why wouldn’t he be in the majors if not for his hard-ass high school football coach?

  3. Jay Busbee Avatar
    Jay Busbee

    I’m betting Francoeur doesn’t draw his first walk before the Fourth of July.

    Good site…I linked to it over at mine, Sports Gone South. Let me know the next time you’re at Turner Field; we’ll drink beers for every ball that Francoeur lets pass.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Sounds good! Thanks for the link. I’ll be at Turner for the whole opening series against the Mets. Depending on how our starting pitchers look, I might be in more of a “drink for every swing Frenchy takes” kind of mood.

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