So I woke up this morning feeling like I’d only dreamed a baseball game last night, after all the off days. I came to the computer and read email for a few minutes before I remembered that there would be AP photos and quotes to harvest, brand new! And boy were there. Apparently the second […]


There’s the Heap we all know and love, singlehandedly winning games and pretending he wasn’t 3-run-homer offended when they had the nerve to walk Andruw to get to him! Give ’em hell, Heap! Just before he hit his RBI single, Pete was talking Doomsday, bringing up Heap’s career .275 average in the minors, reminding us […]

Close Call

Noo, Heap, don’t touch Orr, he’s bad luck!!!! Phew . . . he stopped himself just in time. Heap needs all the good luck he can get right now. His arch nemesis has recently taken his place in the lefty-platoon version of the batting order, where he is kicking ass, I must say, and rather […]