• Headed to Orlando/Kissimmee/Buena VistaLand

    We’re leaving for spring training bright and early tomorrow morning — any requests? I’m not sure what I mean by that, but probably pictures. Speaking of pictures, check it: Heap never fails to find the ugliest sunglasses of all time and wear them with pride. I can’t wait to again witness this phenomenon in person.

  • Spring Has Officially Arrived

    The AJC pictures from spring training haven’t really captivated me so far, but this is an instant classic: Porter is totally giving them the talk. An annual tradition, I’m sure. Note that none of the big stars were required to attend. Kelly looks completely offended.

  • Twenty Four Years of Heap

    It’s Heap’s birthday today, and also the date of several major celestial events. Coincidence?!?! I hope Heap gets to enjoy all of his favorite activities today, such as playing ping pong with his cardboard cut out of Frenchy: Turns out my everyday posting is likely not going to happen until April. I’m excited about going […]

  • Spring Training Update

    New pictures from the AJC this afternoon: Frenchy has of course arrived early. Bobby is doing his iconic poses with cigars, a spring training tradition. People are getting back into the habit of being grabby with Heap, after a long Heapless winter. And Phillies fans are looking on in jealous disgust. . . . All […]

  • Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day!

    Is anyone surprised that Matty arrived seven days early? One of my wishes for this season is that he finally gets the regular starting respect he deserves. Heap also showed up as soon as possible, not surprisingly. Sadly, he will be spending Valentine’s Day without his significant other. Maybe the Australians will take him out […]

  • “Big Daddy, As They Call Him”

    Check out the latest Frenchy interview. The staging is extremely uncomfortable. It seems like three guys just cornered him with a bunch of inane questions (give it a fucking rest with the SI cover already) as he was leaving the men’s room in a fancy hotel. He looks nervous/unhappy/annoyed. Praying at college bowl games and […]

  • You Asked For It, You Got It

    Last year I complained that we didn’t get a truck story. This year? Behold. Clearly this is a sign that I have become a real mover and shaker in the Braves blogging world. I’m sure Chipper will be showing up in my “chat room” to call me a douchebag any day now.

  • Slow News Day 136

    Not a lot going on right now, and I’m not really in the mood for talking about the trades or even the Former House Mates’ Offseason Adventures in Matrimony (though that day will come), so please enjoy this Hank Aaron feature, which is aggressively cute. Also: can anyone explain to me the point of specifically […]

  • I Hate Eli Manning

    I was going to post last night, but then the superbowl pissed me off, so I got drunk and went to bed. And for the record, I of course hate Peyton more, and in fact mostly hate Eli just because he’s related to Peyton and looks like him. Anyway — Daniel raised a good question […]

  • Turner Field

    It occurred to me last month that I’ve already been to more hockey games this season than the number of Braves games I went to last year. I’m a very casual hockey fan, I rarely watch on TV, and wouldn’t recognize anyone on the team (except for Lehtonen, cause of this, and Exelby, cause, that […]