• Pitchers, Catchers, and Frenchy (and Andruw)

    Today is the one year anniversary of this blog, and it’s also the first day of voluntary “show up at Turner Field and dick around” day for the Braves. Well, that’s not true: the pitchers and catchers are there doing important work to prepare for spring training and the 2008 season. Frenchy, on the other […]

  • If I’m Thinking Of The Right Guy

    Saw this headline on AJC.com’s front page, and assumed the Hampton in question was an obscure folk singer, or maybe a particular haircut that was popular in the seventies: I do appreciate the fact that they put “ready” and “comeback” in quotes, as if to mock the suggestion, though I think they should take that […]

  • Semi-Apocalyptic Trade News

    I wasn’t really paying attention to the Santana hoopla, assuming the Yankees would get him and generally not giving a shit about the American League, but apparently the Yankees Jr. have struck a “tentative deal.” So they’re spending wildly to get one of the best pitchers in baseball and we’re bringing home old guys who […]

  • To The Dogs Or Whoever

    Remember when I said I was worried about Frenchy’s dog? Well, apparently the dog is seeing a pet therapist once a week. I’m tempted to think that someone has got to be joking or making this up, but no one is funny or creative or DARK enough to invent this stuff about the dogs. I […]

  • Drunken Saturday Night Post

    Congratulations to one of my favorite Braves, Matt Diaz, for this. Braves Journal has it exactly right, as usual. The fact that Diaz hasn’t been starting in left everyday since mid-2006 is pretty much everything that frustrates me about the Braves. In other words: Bobby Cox’s love for people like Ryan Langerhans. Fuck!

  • Newsflash: Frenchy Rented A Movie

    What is going on with Frenchy and the AJC? Is he calling them every day and begging to be covered? Yesterday they posted a belated feature on his November honeymoon, and today we get this delightful peek into the world that is Frenchy: Movies Frenchy has watched recently. No, really. I love the Harry Potter […]

  • I Might Have Guessed

    From an article about Frenchy’s honeymoon on the AJC: (Apparently he played golf with Derrek Lee. Classic.) “And how did Georgia businesses score with the nuptials? Their first night was spent at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, and the couple used Lee Patterson Photography and Lee Epting Catering, with flowers from Kim McKinney of Daffodil’s Design […]

  • Joey, I’m Not Angry Anymore

    Let me take you through my day: Actually, I’ll begin with last night. My husband I split a bottle of wine with dinner, so we went to bed pretty early. At some point during the night, my cell phone rang on the nightstand. It was my Braves Girlfriend who keeps me apprised of news. Too […]

  • Historic Quote of the Day

    From the Bowman Chronicles, of course. Circa March ’07: Still, Francoeur showed absolutely no sense of jealousy or animosity when he came through the clubhouse doors at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex on Thursday morning. All seemed normal. As usual, the 23-year-old right fielder was wearing a bright smile and walking alongside McCann. I […]

  • And the Offseason Rolls On . . .

    So Andruw ended up in L.A. (and we thought he wrecked havoc here in little old Buckhead . . . just wait!), Cormier was released, and the Braves are building a section behind home plate for the Scrooge McDucks of Atlanta baseball fandom. It’s always nice to have some news in the offseason, and to […]